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Ask the Experts – What is the difference between Y-Strainer and T-Strainers?

PIF spoke to Scotland’s premier distributor of pipeline ancillary equipment, BM Engineering, to understand everything there is to know about Strainers. With years of industry expertise and access to a wide range of products, BM Engineering Supplies are perfectly suited to help you understand the difference between Y-Type Strainers and T-Type Strainers; and which is better suited to your pipeline application.

Y-Strainers or T-Strainers for Pipeline Applications

Although both T-Type Strainers and Y-Type Strainers perform similar functions within pipeline applications, each one has their own distinctive set of qualities that make each one uniquely different. While both are effective industrial strainers for removing dirt from fluid systems and protecting your valuable downstream equipment to prolong its life expectancy and usability, it is useful to know the differences between the two when selecting your strainer filter.

What is a Y-Type Strainer?

Scott Miller of BM Engineering explains that Y-Type Strainers are used predominantly for liquid applications to protect downstream equipment from particles, including; dirt that may otherwise impact performance if left to settle and build up.

Scott Miller goes on to explain, most Y-Type industrial strainers can also work effectively in steam applications, as well as applications that deal with inert gases or air.

Y-Type Strainers can be fabricated to accommodate specific application requirements, however, the vast majority of Y-Type Strainers are non-customisable as standard. BM Engineering stock and supply a range of Y-Type Strainers in sizes from 1/4 to 10”. This range of Y-Type Strainers can be manufactured in a variety of materials, including cast iron and steel, bronze and AISI 316L stainless steel; with a screwed or bolted cover for screen access to ensure that process fluid is effectively drained.

What are the benefits of Y-Type Strainer?

Y-Type Strainers offer a variety of benefits to pipeline applications, including;

  • Superior flushing capabilities, thanks to inherent built-in blow-down ports,
  • Better value for money with initial costs,
  • Faster shipment times due to their status as a set-item with minimal customisation capabilities,
  • Greater levels of flexibility,
  • A wider selection of materials for construction,
  • A broader range of pressure classes,
  • Larger open ratio areas than T-type strainers.

What is a T-Type Strainer?

Scott Miller from BM Engineering explains that a T-Type Strainer is most commonly a custom fabricated industrial strainer, that is manufactured from pipe materials. This allows the T-Type Strainer to offer unique features, such as quick-opening style covers or the addition of a ventilation port and differential pressure taps.

Scott Miller goes on to explain that T-Type Strainers can also offset the inlet and outlet by 90 degrees, to form an elbow-shaped strainer. Scott Miller from BM Engineering explains that by using an elbow-shaped strainer, this can benefit applications with space constraints.

T-Type Strainers are applicable to all types of steam, water, oil and air systems. They are available in sizes DN15 to DN100. However, as this strainer type is fabricated; this can result in extended lead times, rather than an off-the-shelf solution of a Y-Type Strainer.

What are the benefits of a T-Type Strainer?

T-Type Strainers offer a variety of benefits to pipeline applications, including;

  • Quick opening style covers,
  • Additional vent ports and differential pressure taps,
  • Higher flow capacity despite smaller open ratio areas, thanks to a straighter flow path,
  • Chamber covers can be opened without process fluid draining out whilst installed horizontally. This is beneficial in more hazardous processes,
  • Better suited to transferring fluids at higher velocities,
  • Ideal for larger pipeline applications which require quick access to the strainer.

Which is better? A T-Type Strainer or Y-Type Strainer?

Scott Miller from BM Engineering explains that in order to choose the correct industrial strainer type, it is important to focus on the needs of your business. If you are looking for a cost-effective straining solution from an industrial strainer that offers flexibility; a Y-Type Strainer may be the best option.

However, a T-Type Strainer would be better suited if your pipeline application deals with more viscous fluids that need to be transferred at higher velocities, or a strainer that has a higher flow capacity.

BM Engineering Supplies stock and supply both Y-Type Strainers and T-Type Strainers from Valstream ADCA. As the UK’s premier distributor of Valstream ADCA products; BM Engineering can provide businesses throughout the UK with the full range of ACDA strainers, including the IS16F cast iron Y-Type Strainer; which is perfectly suited to dealing with non-dangerous fluids within pipeline applications.

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