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Cube fieldbus modules in action at sortimat Handling Systems

When engineers at sortimat Handling Systems faced limitations in cabinet space and installation time, they turned to modular Cube I/O systems from Murrelektronik for an efficient – and ultimately cost-saving – solution, as PIF reports.

Cube20 and Cube67 fieldbus modules

Sortimat, located in southern Germany, is a leading manufacturer of industrial handling machines for a range of different applications, predominantly in the Pharmaceutical sector. They produce systems that pack, stack and palletise small parts, such as tubes or blister packs, into bigger units. These systems work very precisely, quickly and reliably and are often used in medical technology applications.

To develop decentralised installation solutions, sortimat Handling Systems works hand in hand with Murrelektronik and ultimately decided to use Cube I/O devices on their machines. For the cabinet, they chose the space saving Cube20 fieldbus module to use in combination with a Cube67 fieldbus system on the machine. This cutting edge installation allowed sortimat Handling Systems to replaced conventional single wire connections in their machines and take a big step forward in technology.

Watch this video to find out more about Cube67.

Configurable M8 and M12 connector ports

There were several deciding factors that made sortimat’s electrical engineers choose a Cube67 decentralised installation solution. The most important being limited space in and on the machines. Here, Cube67 fieldbus modules offer an advantage: the modules are multifunctional. The M8 or M12 connector ports can be configured as either inputs or outputs, depending on the installation requirements.

This saves space and lowers costs especially when compared to an installation solution with two dedicated input and output modules. Also, by using a Cube67 valve module, valve clusters can be quickly integrated into the system, without requiring additional fieldbus connections. Plus, Cube67 hybrid cable (Cube67 system cable transfers both data and power) reduces the space required in the cable ducts and simplifies installation.

Murrelektronik Cube67 & Cube20

The sortimat Handling Systems for trays and pallets are interchangeable with different gripping tools that have a short setup time during change out. Cube67’s “Machine Option Management (MOM)” is a big plus in a situation like this because it makes sure the machine starts operating immediately after a tool change. “MOM” enables hardware and software configuration based on a standardised maximum configuration.

Wide variety of fieldbus modules

While the system is operating, only those components that are activated are used for the specific application. This prevents unscheduled downtime. Cube67 has comprehensive diagnostics, both at the bus node and on the I/O modules in the field. The diagnostics report the condition of the system by LED’s at the affected port and report this up to the controller. This is then displayed on the machine HMI, giving time-saving diagnoses on any problems, speeding up maintenance and trouble shooting.

Another plus for using a Cube67 modular fieldbus system is the wide variety of modules available. No matter the requirements, a Murrelektronik standard component can be easily found and a solution can be implemented. By using Cube solutions from Murrelektronik, sortimat Handling Systems can respond to changing market requirements with a reliable, high quality product.

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