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Cube – An I/O system fit for your industry’s future

Cube I/O systems are adaptable for a variety of industries, due to their compact size and flexible functionality. They also have the ability to perform highly in extreme environments. But what features specifically make Cube an exceptional industrial IO system? In this article, PIF spoke to Murrelektronik to learn all about Cube.

Murrelektronik Cube

Cube is designed to provide a solution for every application. This particular I/O system is an adaptable modular fieldbus system, utilised for decentralised installation concepts within an extensive range of industrial applications. With IP ratings ranging from IP20 to IP69k and multi-functional digital channels, Cube can easily be modified to meet your application’s requirements.

The simple design of the Cube industrial I/O system ensures it is bursting with advantages such as error-free commissioning and maximised system uptime. Each aspect of Cube is purposely designed to provide reliable, efficient operation for every application it is integrated into. Problems are solved quickly with Cube’s diagnostic capabilities. Both money and time are saved with faster hardware installation, easy configuration and application specific IO modules.

Murrelektronik Cube

Industry 4.0 I/O systems

Ensuring that your system is ready for industry 4.0 is essential as an industry 4.0 I/O system requires full accessibility at all times. Murrelektronik’s Cube I/O systems are instilled with features to allow for full transparency when it comes to what is happening with your machine.

When errors occur, data is passed to the Cube diagnostic gateway. Predictive maintenance steps in before it’s too late, helping to avoid a costly halt in production. It gives the machine owner a chance to be proactive with a high first call resolution rate via remote access.

Machine Options Management or MOM allows you to extend your machine by switching separate Cube modules on or off during operation. This function is essential for Industry 4.0, as it allows product and format changes to be carried out quickly and easily.

Cube industrial I/O system applications

Each element of the Cube industrial I/O system is designed to provide the most efficient and flexible solution to any industry. At Murrelektronik, we believe there is not a single industry where Cube wouldn’t be applicable. Murrelektronik technical expert, Craig Cookson told PIF: “Cube hygienic design was originally designed for the FMCG. However, it can also be utilised for the shipping industry to provide greater connectivity. There is huge potential for Cube to be used on ships, as well as just for making ships.”

An effective element of the Cube I/O system is the incredible diagnostic gateway. This provides complete clarity about everything that is happening with your machine and is available to access on any web browser. M12 ports, and the aforementioned MOM system, allow for short set up times, which minimises machine downtimes through fast installations. This is essential in the automotive industry, for example.

Hygiene is of paramount importance in the food and beverage industry. Cube doesn’t require a complex installation and certain variants, such as the Cube67 hygienic design, have been manufactured specifically for these applications. Cube is designed with stainless steel housing, which eliminates the need for expensive stainless steel terminal boxes. A single cable providing direct process connection takes away the need for costly parallel routing of individual cables.

For networked automation in logistics applications, Murrelektronik Cube I/O systems provide the solution. Cube’s RS485 and IO-Link interfaces allow for the use of complex sensors, such as RFID sensors.

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For an I/O system fit for your industrial applications, speak to the technical experts at Murrelektronik today. They can take you through the entire Murrelektronik Cube range and recommend a module variant for your particular requirements. For more information, contact Murrelektronik today.

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