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Complete Robotic Systems for increased efficiency & productivity in assembly processes.

The PIF team had the opportunity to interview Automation Team Manager, Steve Kirby at the Drives & Controls exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, UK about Mitsubishi Electric’s range of robotic arms. Mitsubishi robotic arm Mitsubishi’s range of robotic arms replace the need for people to conduct very repetitive tasks in for example, ‘pick and place’ applications and assembly processes. The cost savings a robotic system can deliver to an application are significant, with full payback of a robotic system being as quick as just 4 months. Mitsubishi's range of advanced robots offer speed, accuracy and compact design as well as long life. They allow a process to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, leveraging as much efficiency as possible from an application.

Mitsubishi offer a complete robotic automation solution?

Mitsubishi Electric’s unique selling point is that they can also provide all the ancillary standard automation equipment and integrate it with the robot quickly, easily and most-importantly, cost-effectively. Mitsubishi are the only vendor in the world that can offer a complete automation solution. By partnering with companies such as SMC, leaders in pneumatic components, Mitsubishi can also supply all the gripper technology, providing the end-user with a cost-effective and complete automation solution.

What can End-User’s expect from a Mitsubishi Robotic System?

Mitsubishi Robotic arm

  • Faster production cycles - the robots have fast Pick-and-place cycle times up to 0.29s
  • Easier installation - All Mitsubishi robots have internal routing of cables and hoses.
  • Less maintenance - By using brushless AC servo motors your robot will need less maintenance.
  • Precision control - Absolute position encoders as standard mean you always know exactly where your robot arm is.
  • Flexible operation - Up to 256 independent programs can be stored for each robot.
  • Quicker and easier commissioning - Mitsubishi's outstanding selection of programming languages means you can choose what is best for you.

Other features include Class 10 clean room robots, interrupt processing, sensorless collision detection and Mitsubishi's advanced software development tools. Click here to find out more about Mitsubishi Electric’s range of Robotics.

Company Profile

Mitsubishi Electric Europe

As the UK arm of one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies, Mitsubishi Electric has been supplying automation products and solutions to the UK for over 35 years.

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