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Using the CombiLyz Conductivity Meter to Improve the CIP Process in Food industry

Within the food and beverage industry, a good clean in place system (CIP) is required to ensure safety. An efficient automated CIP process in food industry applications is usually how companies achieve this. With clean in place guidelines and continually rising quality standards offering constant challenges, we look at how leading sensor technology specialists, Baumer were able to support CIP safety cost-effectively through its innovative CombiLyz conductivity meter.

The correct settings for the CIP process in food industry applications are often very comprehensive. Often the final process can only be defined following the set up of the clean in place system. Keeping costs minimal while maintaining cleaning efficiency and meeting the many requirements for hygiene in the food industry is a key aspect. This is where a conductivity meter can help, with the CombiLyz being a superior option, and here is why.

How does the CombiLyz conductivity meter work in a clean in place system?

Firstly, let's understand the role of a conductivity meter within a clean in place system. Within the CIP process in food industry applications and other applications, the optimum interaction of the many physical parameters is critical. There are several factors to take into account that define the reproducible process required.

Clean in place system factors for required reproducible process

  • Exact concentrate of cleaning agents
  • Flow rate
  • Pressure temperature
  • Time.

Precise measurements of the relevant cleaning media ensure that no more chemicals are used than absolutely necessary. This is where the CombiLyz conductivity meter excels, as it is responsible for controlling the concentration to the specified level. Not only does this save on wasted resources but it is also good for the environment.

Benefits of the CombiLyz conductivity meter for the CIP process in food industry applications

We have looked at what the CombiLyz’s function is within the clean in place system. But what are the benefits of using this device, as opposed to industry alternatives?

Benefits of the CombiLyz Conductivity Meter

  • Good temperature compensation
  • Reduced risk of contamination by residual chemicals
  • Easier transportation of deposits and impurities out of the system
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and designed for use in applications with frequent temperature shocks
  • Long life cycle
  • User-friendly operation.

All of the above benefits make the CombiLyz conductivity meter outstanding in its class. Other features include the option for a large, illuminated display version called the CombiView. This rotating display enables a variety of viewing options, from pretty much any direction and from a long distance. Alarms and configurations can also be visualised on the device, with the capability of transmitting these to the higher-level controller.

The CombiLyz sensor carries out simple control tasks with a low degree of automation. Its easy-to-use functionality is ideal for applications where food safety is of great importance. The fact that a process control system is not required to address valves directly makes it the ideal solution for many clean in place systems.

For more information about Baumer’s CombiLyz Conductivity sensor for clean in place systems, visit www.baumer.com.

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