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Baumer CleverLevel, the clever alternative to vibrating fork level switches

Accurate and efficient level detection is often an incredibly important factor in processes that work with liquids and pasty materials. The use of traditional level switches that have vibrating forks can often lead to measuring errors, as the materials are prone to stick to the forks.

Leading sensor and measurement device specialists, Baumer has developed the CleverLevel level sensor, a convenient, precise, easy, and maintenance-free solution that will take you into a new era of level detection technology.
To find out more, we spoke to their UK Product Market Manager for Position & Advanced Sensors, Amit Chohan.

CleverLevel level sensor vs vibrating forks

Firstly, where the CleverLevel stands out from the widely-used level switch devices is through the use of frequency sweep technology. Through this method, the sensor ultimately relies on the analysis of the resonance circuit affected by the dielectric constant of the medium below the sensor tip. In turn, this enables the suppression of adhesive substances on the sensor tip or foam and the high level of sensitivity that is created over a large measurement range for the dielectric constants, enables limit detection for all sorts of adhesive materials, powders, granulates and liquids that alternative level switches, using vibrating forks, cannot handle.

Using CleverLevel for level detection - the benefits

Regardless of type, consistency, or viscosity, the CleverLevel level switch has the capability to meet all requirements. The requirements of level detection sensors are as diverse as the media they are supposed to be analysing and applications vary from dry running protection for pumps to reliable overfill protection and/or the detection of leaks.

  • The CleverLevel level offers benefits to suit all, including the following:
  • Works with all media regardless of medium
  • Minimised downtime due to process stability
  • Easy-to-install and operate
  • Highly efficient and flexible due to design variants
  • Maintenance-free & easy to clean
  • Industry 4.0 and IIoT ready.

What applications can benefit?

The CleverLevel is the perfect all-in-one solution for a wide range of industry applications. When it comes to efficient and accurate level detection, this sensor meets the requirements of process automation and also the regulations for mobile systems and ships. It can master the challenges of practically all applications.

Here are just some of the examples where the CleverLevel excels:

  • Variants for optimum process adaptation
  • Foam and separating layer detection
  • Reliable with viscous media
  • Process safety with bulk goods
  • Dry running protection for pumps.

The CleverLevel level sensor is also a clean solution for when hygiene is a must. The use of high quality, stainless steel and PEEK materials that are approved for food contact enables it to meet the requirements of the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. You can read more in our article about how the CleverLevel level switch benefits the brewing and distilling industry.

The CleverLevel level switch series is measurably better than the widely used vibrating fork-based level switches. With better reliability, functionality, and flexibility you get a cost-effective all-in-one sensor for all media that is maintenance-free.

For more information about the CleverLevel Level Switch Series of products or any of Baumer’s other products visit www.baumer.com.

Industry Expert

Amit Chohan

I have been employed with Baumer since 2015 and as the UK Product Marketing Manager for Position & Advanced Sensors, I am fully knowledgeable in all things related to and around Sensors.

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