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Why choose the FLOWave Flowmeter over Coriolis in Hygienic applications

Bürkert has recently released details of the new FLOWave Flowmeter for Pure and Ultra Pure water applications. The FLOWave flowmeter utilises SAW technology – the first application of this technology in the world of commercially available flow metering products.

PIF editor, Rachel Wilson interviews a member of the FLOWave product launch team about how the innovative technology behind the FLOWave results in exceptional end-user benefits such as;

  • Incredible accuracy.
  • Extremely compact unit.
  • No flow restrictions.
  • Reduced installation, operational & maintenance costs.

The FLOWave Flowmeter for Pure water Applications

New technology always means a lot of field testing. So Bürkert naturally launched the FLOWave flowmeter into an application where the benefits impacted the most – Pure water and Ultra Pure Water applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

FLOWave flowmeter for hygienic applications

Pure & Ultra-Pure Water has very low conductivity, making it extremely difficult to measure flow and other important information. Two technologies are currently used heavily throughout the medical & pharmaceutical sectors: Magnetic Flow technology and Coriolis.

Magnetic flow technology relies on the media having a conductance – however, in medical applications; the media often has very low conductivity.

Coriolis is therefore the preferred technology due to the high accuracy of the technology. However, the drawbacks of this technology are significant. Coriolis Flowmeters are often large devices with high servicing costs and have high purchase costs.

The FLOWave Flowmeter is ideal for measuring the flow of Pure and ultra-Pure Water, as its Surface Acoustic Wave sensing technology does not rely on any conductance in the fluid. It has incredible accuracy, does not interrupt flow and is also extremely compact. The FLOWave is expected to offer lower installation costs, lower operational costs and lower purchasing costs when compared to Coriolis.

FLOWave is expected to be commercially available for high purity water measurement applications during 2015. Several units are also currently undergoing data collection duties for calibration in a number of popular food, beverage, water processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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