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Bürkert valve selection from one source

Solenoid valve selection for any application can seem a daunting task with the area of products available today. However, help is at hand for those who prefer to select their components from one source. With a comprehensive catalogue, and accessible technical advice, Bürkert provides a total product solution.

Valve design considerations

Bürkert valve selection from one source
With such a vast array of fluids and gases being used in so many different control processes in modern manufacturing, it is little wonder that the number of valves available numbers in the tens of thousands. From microfluidic control in a DNA sequencing machine, to managing cooling water in a power station, the huge variety in materials, valve design, pressures, temperatures and operating environments requires a vast catalogue of products to cover each application.

Taking solenoid valves as a reasonably simple example, the choices in design are still extensive. The most basic of these is determining if the valve is direct acting or pilot-operated. After which, the armature design should be identified: plunger, rocker, flipper or pivot. Each design has its benefits for particular applications such as operation with corrosive fluids or in hygienic situations.

Coupled to this are the chemical resistance and temperature requirements which determine the materials used to manufacture the solenoid components, including seals. Further options are available depending on the certifications that may be required; ATEX, IEC Ex, DINCerto and others can be specified to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Beyond these requirements, it is possible to specify high temperature and pressure versions, or a power-enhancing coil system for example. All of these options can be applied to the usual variety of port connections and diameters, as well as a number of electrical supply options, including AC/DC, 50/60 Hz and a choice of connection types.

These solenoid valves can also be used to control pneumatic valves that in turn operate additional control valves, where the list of specifications and options is just as varied. Angled control valves for both gases and liquids, globe valves and diaphragm valves, all of which can be specified with a wide range of control and communication options to suit any application or existing installation.

Ground-breaking valve technologies

Beyond the more common valve types, Bürkert also specialises in developing ground-breaking valve technologies, such as the revolutionary Robolux valve which offers multiple control options for hygienic applications using a very compact footprint. Micro-dosing of liquids with extreme accuracy has also been made possible, even when handling aggressive media.

For those looking for a specific type of control valve, Bürkert has one of the widest ranges in the industry and with increased stock levels, it will also be on hand when required. However, Bürkert’s expertise lies in the design and manufacture of valves and control systems. Experienced design engineers are available to discuss every aspect of a fluid control system and make recommendations for the best solution.

These designs can then be built into complete systems, either on site or delivered as a ready-made package depending on the application. They can range from compact designs in an enclosure to large, skid-mounted systems, all of which are hand-built, tested and certified prior to installation.
Bürkert offers an individual service to every client, customising products and services to ensure that the delivered solution meets every aspect of the specification.

There is a free solenoid valve selection chart available to request by emailing [email protected].

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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