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Bürkert FLOWave provides alternative to Coriolis

Developed as an alternative to the enduring Coriolis flowmeter design, the Bürkert FLOWave flowmeter harnesses Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology to deliver precision flow measurements from a smooth, uninterrupted flow-through pipe section – making it ideal for hygienic applications. Bürkert explain all here.

Bürkert FLOWave Vs Coriolis Flowmeters

Until now, it has been difficult to match the accuracy levels demonstrated by Coriolis flowmeters, without introducing other weaknesses to the application. Magmeters rely on the process fluid being conductive, while other designs require components to be in direct contact with the fluid, making it difficult to meet the necessary hygiene standards.

Accuracy and repeatability often rely on laminar flow which can require certain lengths of straight pipe upstream of the flowmeter. Continued testing and development of the Bürkert FLOWave product has minimised this requirement. In addition, the use of their Teach-In function introduces automatic calibration that can maximise accuracy, even in applications that require short pipe runs.

Burkert FLOWave

Another issue that dominates discussions around flowmeter selection is weight, especially in process skids, where it needs to be minimised in order to retain the portability of the skid. The basic design of Coriolis flowmeters does put them at a disadvantage, in some cases a DN25 unit can weigh over 15 kg, compared to just 2.4 kg for the Bürkert product.

In situations where the flowmeter needs to be removed from the installation for any reason, such as cleaning, the implications for manual handling need to be considered. It may require additional mechanical assistance, which will add to the overall time for maintenance or cleaning.

Finally, any discussion regarding Coriolis would not be complete without some mention of the initial cost. Due to the technology and the scale of these flowmeters, even the most basic specification can represent a significant investment. Furthermore, the energy consumption of the two oscillators is considerably higher than more modern flowmeters such as the FLOWave.

Advantages of Bürkert FLOWave

The Bürkert FLOWave offers a way to measure the flow of a liquid and its temperature without installing a large, expensive, and energy-draining piece of equipment. As well as being a leap forward in terms of size and energy use, FLOWave is free from parts in the measuring tube. This cuts the risk of contaminating the medium to zero while also eliminating pressure loss, leakage, and dead zones. FLOWave works regardless of flow direction and conductivity of the medium, and will evolve to measure multiple parameters.

From the outset, FLOWave aimed to resolve the traditional issues associated with the Coriolis flowmeter, such as cleanability, pressure drop, weight, cost and energy consumption. At the same time, the designers were also keen to launch a product that could be improved over time, using more reference data to refine the measurement algorithms for different types of media, which is very much the case with FLOWave.

This innovative product already addresses many of the challenges set for it by making improvements on existing precision flow measurement technology, specifically Coriolis. However, it is also set to continue to be developed further, to widen its appeal for other applications and help more process engineers achieve their goals in a more cost-effective manner.

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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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