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Bürkert ELEMENT range of modular valves transmitters and controllers for exact control requirements

It is a commonly accepted fact that in the production of pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages and cosmetics, the requirements for hygiene and process reliability are of paramount importance. Cleaning must be thorough and the quality and reliability of components are also of key importance in ensuring that hygiene standards are met. The choice of components deployed into these environments often need to be able to be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

Burkert have introduced the ELEMENT range of modular instruments as a potential solution within these particular industry sectors.

Burkert ELEMENT range of process valves

The ELEMENT range consists of valves, transmitters, controllers and sensors all of which are modular in design and can be easily inserted or removed from the system. As a modular system, the components can be combined in a wide variety of configurations thereby addressing the user’s exact control requirements.  This has the benefit of allowing users to adopt a complete system approach with control loops from a single vendor source.

The practical stainless steel design means they are specifically suited for the requirements of both environmentally aggressive and hygienic areas. They bring the additional benefits of being easy to replace, easy to clean and at the same time, deliver really high quality precision and accuracy across a wide range of process fluids. The displays are backlit with readily identifiable colour indicators to allow quick and ready determination of diagnostic requirements. ELEMENT allows a complete system approach to allow our customers to solve process problems encompassing the total control loop of valves, sensors and controllers.

Burkert ELEMENT Instruments

The ELEMENT range includes; valves for ON-/OFF and modulating control and a range of sensors for ph/ORP, conductivity and level. The valves and sensors are reliable in the control of inert fluids, steam, corrosive solvents and chemicals or abrasive fluids such as slurries in a wide variety of application environments. The platform is robust with clean lines and the maintenance is straightforward and low cost. The manufacturers claim that it surpasses industry standard in flexibility, simplicity and ease of deployment.

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