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BM Engineering Supplies’ guide to process valves

Choosing the correct process control valve for your application can be difficult. With a lot of options on the market, it’s hard to know which one is best suited to your application and which one will offer the optimum level of control. BM Engineering Supplies in Glasgow are experts in process control equipment, particularly process valves and their suitability for each industrial application. We spoke to Scott Miller of BM Engineering Supplies to find out more.

Which process valve is best?

Understanding process valves, and which type is best suited to your particular application, can be tricky. That is why BM Engineering Supplies have produced a comprehensive guide to help you better understand the various types of process valves available, and which one you should select to work with each application.

PIF spoke to Scott Miller of BM Engineering Supplies in Glasgow to discuss their range of process control valves. As one of the most trusted distributors to Scotland’s process industry, BM Engineering Supplies have the knowledge and expertise to supply businesses of all shapes and sizes with valves to suit a wide variety of industrial processes.

What is a process control valve?

Generally speaking, process control is an engineering discipline that deals with the use of media, control components, feedback sensors, mechanical or computerised controllers, and sometimes human activity to produce a specific output. These processes can range from a simple heating system to large complex manufacturing plants that produce high-tech chemical products.

Process control systems fall into two main categories: continuous and batch. Continuous processes run non-stop, on a 24/7 basis. Shutdown and startup can be very costly, therefore it is important to consider the effects of equipment and malfunction within continuous processes. Batch process systems are much more forgiving in this regard as they are often started and stopped due to the nature of their production processes.

BM Engineering Supplies stock a range of process control valves to manage the flow rate of liquids or gases within a manufacturing application, or to control the temperature, pressure or liquid level of a process. As a result of this, they are defined by the way they operate to control the flow of a liquid or gas, whilst being primarily manufactured from stainless steel to protect against abrasive media.

Scott Miller of BM Engineering Supplies explains that actuators are ordinarily used alongside control valves to measure the position of the valve with varying degrees of accuracy, depending on the application. A digital encoder can also be used to ensure a more accurate process and position.

Process control valve types and their applications

BM Engineering Supplies explains that there are several different valve types which can be classified as a process valve. “For example, as ball valves perform well after numerous cycles and can close securely after long periods of disuse, these qualities make them an excellent on-off process valve”, according to Scott Miller.

Scott Miller goes on to explain that, “should your application require an automated process valve, ball valves can also be fitted with actuators to make actuated ball valves. Similarly, butterfly valves are suitably equipped for delivering a quick shut-off within process applications”.

When used as a process valve for larger pipes, butterfly valves incur less weight and cost compared to ball valves. Globe valves are also capable of precise throttling. This makes them ideal for control applications as they are also well suited to steam application due to the “up-and-over” design which can handle high-pressure drops.

Ball-segment valves are ideal for very precise control applications as they give linear control characteristics with high-flow capacity. SOMAS’ unique design enables reliable and accurate control with ‘backlash-free’ torque transmission.

BM Engineering Supplies stock the following range of valves:

  • Ball valves - These are durable and reliable, capable of strong performance after many cycles; closing securely even after long periods of disuse. These qualities make ball valves an excellent flow control solution in shut-off applications. In comparison to other valves, ball valves present users with a tighter sealing solution, greater longevity, lower failure rates, and ease of operation
  • Butterfly valves - These are a lightweight and more affordable alternative to many other types of valve. Butterfly valves deliver easier installations and significant cost-savings compared to a ball valve – particularly at larger sizes
  • Globe valves - This valve type is used to regulate flow by a moveable plug and stationary seat which separates two internal chambers. The plug can be screwed in to close the valve against the seat, making globe valves suitable for applications where throttling or repeated operation is required.
  • Ball segment valves - This valve type offers precise control and flexible installation in closed positions. BM Engineering Supplies can supply ball segment valves in a variety of seat materials to match different temperature requirements
  • Automation valves - Automation valves deliver control within remote locations to ensure synchronisation across multiple valves and security to prevent potential misuse
  • Hygienic valves - This valve type is essential for processes requiring safe and sanitary conditions. Industries such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical production must abide by stringent hygienic standards so this valve is ideal
  • Diaphragm valves - This valve type is a flexible, pressure-responsive element that transmits force to open or close a control valve
  • Angle-seat valves - This valve type is a pneumatically-controlled valve with a piston actuator providing linear actuator to lift a seal off its seat. This seat is set at an angle to provide the maximum possible flow when unseated

Process valve manufacturer

“Here at BM Engineering Supplies, we are seasoned stockists of process valves from a variety of different industry-leading manufacturers. Over the years we have secured partnerships with many revered process valve manufacturers such as Bürkert, INOXPA SOMAS and Valsteam ADCA, to name a few”, states Scott Miller at BM Engineering Supplies.

BM Engineering Supplies are able to supply the full range of Bürkert process valves; from ball and globe valves to diaphragm frames in either pneumatic or electromotive variant. For processes with stringent hygienic requirements, they can supply INOXPA’s complete range of hygienic ball and butterfly valves in stainless steel to provide the highest level of cleanliness.

“For demanding applications, we can supply SOMAS’ ball-segment, butterfly and ball valves which are suitable for a range of industries” explains Scott Miller from BM Engineering Supplies. He goes on to explain that BM Engineering Supplies also stock Valsteam ADCA’s complete range of ADCA Pure equipment, designed for effective steam treatment in high purity systems.

Company Profile

BM Engineering Supplies

BM Engineering Supplies is an industrial valve supplier with stocks of high-quality process and general purpose valves.

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