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BM Engineering Supplies guide to Industrial blenders by INOXPA

BM Engineering Supplies is one of the leading engineering suppliers to the Scottish process industry. In this article, PIF spoke to BM Engineering Supplies to learn about their range of industrial blenders and why they supply industrial blenders by INXOPA.

Who are INOXPA? And what can industrial blenders by INOXPA do?

INOXPA is a leading manufacturer within the hygienic sector and can ensure exceptional results for powder mixing applications, suitable for an array of process industries. As readers may know, blending powders is a delicate process, requiring correct sanitation and hygiene standards. Many product manufacturers know that hygiene can be especially important for continuous or batch production. INOXPA provides a range of power blenders to suit the unique requirements of every product manufacturing business.

What can industrial blenders by INOXPA deliver?

BM Engineering Supplies offers a range of hygienic equipment, including INOXPA’s blenders and valves. Simple and versatile, INOXPA’s blenders are suited for all blending requirements, particularly applications with strict hygienic requirements. They offer fast, homogeneous mixing of a wide range of products and media types without any contact with the atmosphere.

As an industry-standard, INOXPA blenders are manufactured from AISI 316L and feature state-of-the-art, hygienic designs. All three primary industrial blender types from INOXPA can be cleaned and disinfected without disassembly:

What are INOXPA’s three industrial blender types?

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Table blenders

INOXPA vertical power blenders

INOXPA’s power blenders are used to mix solids in liquids and there are two primary models within INOXPA’s vertical power blenders range; M-266 and M-440. Both blenders consist of a casing and centrifugal pump impeller, mounted vertically. When blending solids in liquids, INOXPA’s power blenders avoid lumps from forming as the suction side of the blender has a double-wall pipe, keeping the two properties separated. When liquids enter the mixing chamber at high speeds, the blender creates a vacuum effect at the centre of the impeller and causes suction of solids. The introduction of materials can be regulated via the value situated at the bottom of the hopper.

INOXPA powder blenders are ideally suited for preparing solid and liquid mixtures and include reconstituting powdered milk, making syrups, and preparing brines.

INOXPA horizontal power blenders

The two primary models of INOXPA’s horizontal power blenders are MH-20 and the MH-26. INOXPA’s horizontal power blenders have the primary function of dissolving solids and powder in liquids.

Horizontal power blenders are limited to the suction of small amounts of solids, as they have a notable bag and a smaller hopper. Horizontal power blenders venturi system and function of the pump creates a negative pressure at the base of the hopper.

If your business manufacturers via batch production and desires the best possible dissolution, BM Engineering Supplies advise implementing simpler processes. For example, recirculate the product until all the solid or powdered product has been suctioned into the horizontal powder blender. Once all of the product has been completely incorporated into the liquid, resume recirculation until all products dissoluted.

INOXPA table blenders

Like its counterparts, INOXPA’s table blenders dissolve solids and powders into recirculated liquids. This blender has the added distinction of an optional in-line mixer, able to dissolve any potential lumps. INOXPA table blenders have a noticeable resemblance to horizontal power blenders, however there are a few differences that set the two apart.

  1. The butterfly valve is manually actuated
  2. Copper is welded to the table with a totally smooth, easy to clean surface
  3. Control panel with stop/start and motor protection
  4. Skids with wheels and brakes, clamp drain ports for total drainage of the skids

Typical applications for this process blender type include reconstruction and stabilisation of milk within dairy production and the dissolution of sugar and syrups during beverage production.

INOXPA industrial blenders at BM Engineering Supplies

BM Engineering Supplies re a trusted INOXPA distributor, offering the most hygienic and sanitary process industry solutions. These three types of industrial blenders will be suitable for all product manufacturing needs. With over 40 years of industry experience BM Engineering Supplies can point any business in Scotland into the right direction about which industrial blender will best suit individual requirements and production methods.

Visit BM Engineering Supplies website to gain more information on their industrial blenders or contact their team directly [email protected].

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