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BM Engineering secures lucrative SOMAS Instrument AB partnership

In this article, PIF spoke to leading process industry suppliers BM Engineering about their recently secured partnership with SOMAS Instrument AB. Based in Sweden, SOMAS is an industry renowned valve manufacturer with particular expertise in ball and butterfly valves. As a trusted supplier of industrial valves, we learnt how important this latest partnership is to BME and what it means for them.

Who are SOMAS Instrument AB?

Located in Säffle, Sweden, SOMAS Instrument AB have amassed over 70 years of experience within the process manufacturing industry. This family ran business prides themselves on using only the finest, acid-proof stainless steel for truly resilient control and shut-off valves. “Forming company relationships with family businesses has always been something we have been passionate about,” says Scott Miller of BM Engineering. “Their hard work and wholesome values resonate with our own values as a fellow family-ran business. Coupled with their longevity and knowledge within the process manufacturing industry, these were deciding factors for BME to partner with SOMAS”.

Why use SOMAS ball and butterfly valves

Manufacturing valves from highly resistant stainless steel ensures all SOMAS products are robust and capable of withstanding demanding operational environments, such as those found within the process industry. In particular, SOMAS ball valves are well thought of for their capability to maintain the flow of any media type. As such, no expense is spared from the superlative Swede’s to ensure all SOMAS ball valves are manufactured to deliver both quality and durability in spades.

Similarly, SOMAS butterfly valves are also held in high esteem for their quality and durability. Butterfly valves from SOMAS have the defining ability to provide virtually maintenance-free operation for process applications. Guaranteeing long and cost-effective service life, they are exactly the kind of industrial valve which BM Engineering has become renowned to supply within the process industry.

SOMAS Ball Valves from BM Engineering

Why choose BM Engineering as your SOMAS valve supplier

Based in Glasgow, BM Engineering has been one of the leading suppliers of valves to many process industries within Scotland. Since 1999, BME has become the go-to distributor for many Scottish whiskey distilleries and breweries, thanks to their network of partnerships with some of the biggest names in the valve manufacturing industry. From industry giants Bürkert and Valsteam ADCA, to specialist brands like INOXPA and Orbinox to name just a few. Visit BM Engineering’s website to find out more about SOMAS ball and butterfly valves.

Company Profile

BM Engineering Supplies

BM Engineering Supplies is an industrial valve supplier with stocks of high-quality process and general purpose valves.

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