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Benefits of using Baumer sensors for the dairy processing industry

Automation, efficiency, hygiene and food safety are just some of the critical factors required to produce the dairy products we know and love. Sensor experts Baumer supply a wide range of hygienic sensors for the processing industry and work closely with the dairy sector to develop specialised sensors that are tailor-made for dairy applications. In this article, PIF takes a closer look at Baumer’s selection of sensors for the dairy processing industry.

6 benefits of 6 benefits of Baumer sensors for the dairy processing industry

Of course, purchasing specialised sensors designed for your industry niche will always be preferable to buying general-purpose sensors that may or may not fulfil your requirements. Here are six benefits of choosing Baumer sensors for dairy applications.

1. Dairy-specific sensors

Baumer supplies a variety of industry-specific process sensors that have been developed in collaboration with the dairy industry to ensure their devices meet the needs of dairy producers.

2. Food safety

Baumer’s unique flush-mounted process connections are designed to deliver the dual benefits of reducing harmful bacterial growth and optimising critical CIP cleaning processes.

3. Processing to packaging

The sheer breadth of Baumer’s sensor expertise means they have an effective sensor solution for every stage of the dairy production process, from the processing stages right through to the packaging.

4. Optimised processes

Baumer process sensors combine extremely high sensor accuracy and response times to ensure optimal process control. As such, dairy producers can ensure production processes are as efficient as possible.

5. Hygienic stainless steel

There’s a reason why dairy producers favour stainless steel: it’s durable, hygienic and impervious to the chemicals used in CIP washdowns. Which is why Baumer’s sensors all sport a stainless steel construction.

6. IoT ready

Baumer sensors also offer IO-Link connectivity as standard, enabling quick and easy parameterisation and the generation of valuable data for automated dairy production processes using the Internet of Things (IoT).

Dairy applications using Baumer sensors

Baumer boasts a wide range of hygienic sensors for the processing industry, including models that are specifically designed for the demands of the dairy industry. Let’s take a closer look at the specific technology they have to offer for three critical stages of the dairy production process.

  • Milk receiving – CleverLevel level sensors prevent overflow and foam getting into the vacuum cycle during the deaerating process, as well as protecting pumps from running dry during the filling and emptying of tanks and pipes. Meanwhile, Baumer’s LSP level sensor maintains a level regulation in small vessels, like deaerator tanks, and their IP67 CombiView DFON display can be used for storage tank level monitoring.
  • Pasteurising – During the pasteurisation process, Baumer’s FlexFlow PF20H hygienic flow sensor provides accurate flow and temperature readings during the heating and cooling cycle. CombiTemp temperature sensors regulate the flow speed of the heating water cycle, while the FlexFlow comes into its own again by monitoring the flow and temperature of the milk during the cooling process.
  • Homogenising – Homogenisation systems used to break down fat globules require constant process control. Baumer CombiPress pressure sensors can be combined with FlexFlow flow sensors to regulate the feed flow, pressure and quality of the homogenisation process. And CombiTemp RTD temperature sensors maintain an ideal homogenisation temperature of 55 °C to 80 °C for optimal food safety standards.

For more information, visit www.baumer.com.

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