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Benefits of a modular system of process valves & actuators for hygienic applications

There is a lot of content out there on the web about the Burkert ELEMENT range of process equipment. But what exactly is the ELEMENT range? What is so special about it and what advantages does the ELEMENT range of process equipment deliver to hygienic applications?

What is the ELEMENT process equipment range from Burkert?

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Modular system of process valves, instrumentation and process actuators.

Burkert’s ELEMENT range proves the adage that the whole is better than the sum of the parts. The ELEMENT range provides a modular programme of process control products that combine effortlessly to deliver solutions to specific process requirements. The products are particularly suited to all hygienic processing markets – food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and bio-medical.

The ELEMENT range includes:

  • Valves for on/off and modulating control
  • Sensors for pH/ORP
  • Sensors for conductivity and level
  • Digital positioners
  • Control heads
  • Process actuators

What are the benefits of the ELEMENT modular system of process equipment?

Modular process valves

All of the ELEMENT products are designed for valve mounting, delivering maximum space saving and performance. The modular system achieves cleanline operation and cost reduction in hygienic process measurement and control.

The integration of backlit displays and coloured status lights within the ELEMENT products enables users to have more interaction and transparency in their systems, allowing them to determine diagnostic messages quickly and easily.

The ELEMENT valves and sensors reliably control fluids, steam, caustic solutions and chemicals, as well as abrasive or high-purity substances in the widest range of applications and process environments.

The ELEMENT stainless steel valves (IP65/67) are rugged, hygienic and are easy to clean and use.

The ELEMENT actuator design facilitates integration of automation units at all levels of the modular valve system, from the position transmitter to the electro-pneumatic positioner or process controller. This allows complete decentralised automation of even complex systems, with minimal expense for cables and hoses.

Modular system of hygienic process valves & actuators extended

Due to the significant advantages the ELEMENT range of process equipment brings to hygienic applications and the increased market demand for this modular system, the range has recently been extended.

The ELEMENT range now includes process valves with orifices up to 50mm (DN 50) and process actuators in sizes up to 130mm. 

The expansion of the ELEMENT range significantly extends the area of application, enabling the use of the ELEMENT process valves at higher medium pressures on pipelines with orifices up to DN50.

Has anyone had experience with the Burkert ELEMENT range?

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