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Clever to the next level; Baumer’s solutions to point level detection

In various industries, such as the food and beverage sector, efficient measurement devices are required in order to cope with different media characteristics, and no one knows this better than Baumer. In this article, Process Industry Forum spoke to leading sensor and measurement device specialists, Baumer UK, about their CleverLevel series and how their new level switch makes these new processes more efficient, effective, and reliable.

Introducing the new level switch CleverLevel PL20

When we spoke to Jon Sumner from Baumer UK, we were thrilled to be discussing the new level switch from these sensor wizards. As stated by Jon, “point level detection has never been this easy and reliable”. Baumer has expanded on their already innovative CleverLevel series by releasing the new level switch PL20, which offers increasingly more possibilities for detecting point levels.

A clever alternative to vibrating fork level switches, the CleverLevel is able to reliably detect every possible type of medium, whether that is liquid, viscous, solid, or pasty, and has been praised as the best solution for a range of applications where vibrating forks are frequently used.

One of the key advantages of the new CleverLevel PL20 is that this level switch does not have to be parameterised to a medium as before but instead, it is able to flexibly adapt to the medium at hand. With this major advantage, any adhesions such as those that tend to occur frequently with pasty materials can be reliably handled and masked. As noted by Jon, with the PL20’s optional 4 … 20 mA analogue signal, “the PL20 offers a number of truly beneficial advantages and adds true value for increased efficiency of your production processes”.

Intelligence with the CleverLevel

As Baumer has extensive experience in sensors for the food and beverage industry, they are well equipped to understand that the production sector is often distinguished by individual customer requirements. Baumer has utilised this insight to their advantage to allow them to be clever with the new CleverLevel level switch.

The new level switch CleverLevel PL20 has the innovative ability to make processes more flexible and eliminate additional efforts that could be conceived as a waste of precious time. This is because conventional measurement systems are often unable to cope with different media characteristics; however, the PL20 self-learning sensor automatically notices and adjusts to the different media.

The CleverLevel PL20 level switch offers tremendous additional value for those applications within the food production sector that frequently handles changing recipes or batch production. This clever ability of the level switch ensures minimum set-up times with maximum flexibility. Not only that, but thanks to its intelligent, compact design and low installation depth, this level switch has only a small impact on the process, therefore ensuring maximum food safety.

For more information about the CleverLevel level switch range or any of Baumer’s other products, visit www.baumer.com.

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