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Baumer supports quality control during production

Quality control is a critical component of modern-day production processes and is nothing short of paramount for any packaging manufacturer’s long-term success. Quality needs to be maintained at every stage of the manufacturing process, which is where Baumer’s array of innovative, accurate and reliable process sensors are revolutionising level monitoring in the packaging industry.

From high-performance laser distance sensors delivering fast and precise non-contact measurements to
smart profile sensors offering predefined measurements (like gap or height measurements) in one compact and easy-to-use sensor, Baumer has a sensor solution to take level monitoring in the packaging industry to a whole new level.

Here, we’ll be unpacking and taking a closer look at some of Baumer’s most innovative smart sensor solutions for efficient 2D/3D parts inspections and exploring how these industry-specific level monitoring sensors function.

Height measurement

Baumer’s unique PosCon OXH7 smart profile sensor is a compact device for the height measurement of objects with five predefined measuring modes: minimum and maximum height, average, delta and standard deviation. All of which provides the data needed to boost the efficiency of check-and-sort applications.

The PosCon OXH7 delivers height measurements with an accuracy up to 2 μm, even for fast moving objects and in varying ambient light conditions, thanks to a measurement frequency of 1540 Hz. Operators benefit from fast commissioning and easy parameterisation, with visible laser lines and LED indicators making alignment a quick and easy process.

Edge measurement

Baumer PosCon 3D light section sensors provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional laser measuring systems. Fast and easy to set up, PosCon 3D sensors reliably detect edge positions and object or gap width without the need for a separate reflector. They can reliably identify any object regardless of its colour or surface.

Within the range, the PosCon OXE7 combines a resolution up to 20 μm and measuring rate up to 550 Hz to deliver reliable measurements, even with changing backgrounds, variable lighting conditions and at radial run-out. Furthermore, an inclined installation position within ±30 degrees is achievable for optimum flexibility.

Check and sort

PosCon HM and PosCon 3D sensors from Baumer offer an affordable solution for a wide range of check-and-sort applications. With intelligent evaluation algorithms integrated into the sensor, these devices are capable of identifying faulty products based on their variance in form and will subsequently discard them accordingly.

Following a quick and easy ‘plug and play’ installation, manufacturers can expect immediate test results that can be aggregated to streamline production processes. These types of sensors are suitable for a variety of different calibrated object measurements, including detecting defective packages and precise fill level measurements of solids, like granules.

About Baumer

The Baumer Group has been a global leader in the manufacture of sensors, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image-processing for more than 60 years. This owner-managed family business employs around 2,700 workers worldwide in 38 subsidiaries and 19 countries. Their passion for sensors is driven by their organisational values: “Partnership. Precise. Pioneering”.

For more information, visit www.baumer.com.

Company Profile

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The Baumer Group is leading at international level in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders, measuring instruments as well as components for automatic image processing.

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