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AUMA’s Modular Actuator Systems for increased flexibility and reduced incompatibility issues

AUMA’s range of actuators are all based on the concept of modularity.  AUMA recognise that there is no such thing as two identical industrial processes - automation requirements always differ across applications. On this basis, AUMA have designed their range of actuators and gearboxes using the concept of modularity. This means engineers can choose from a range of actuator controls, fieldbus interfaces, available transmission media’s and redundancy concepts, to develop the perfect automation solution.

This basis of differentiation makes AUMA quite unique in the market place. They offer automation solution rather than stand-alone electric actuators.

Below is an example of how AUMA provided a tailor made solution to an automation process requirement.

AUMA’s new generation actuator range AUMATIC AC 01.2 was installed in a sewage treatment plant in Poland. The plant was undergoing a huge modernisation programme, which called for an innovative automation solution.

AUMA actuators

AUMA’s electric actuators included the following benefits:

•Positioning accuracy

•Enhanced output speed range

•Extended life

•Improved corrosion protection

However, the most important benefit to the end-user was compatibility with the company’s existing products due to the modular design of AUMA’s products. AUMA’s modular design means end-user’s can ensure consistency & compatibility in media transmission, fieldbus interfaces and redundancy concepts.

Is having a modular design important to an end-user? Or would this not be the most important feature when considering automation solutions?

Company Profile

AUMA Actuators Ltd

AUMA Actuators are World Leaders in solutions for motion control. AUMA’s range of Electric Actuators can be found operating gate, globe, ball and butterfly valves in plants worldwide.

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