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Angle seat steam valves are integral to cost-saving new autoclave

Bürkert Type 2000 angle seat steam valves and rotary ball valves enabled ESTS to produce a Logiclave type vertical closing autoclave that reputedly saves up to £60,000 in running and maintenance costs over an average 10-year operating cycle.

Bürkert valves reduce costs and withstand extreme sterilisation temperatures

Burkert Type 2000 steam valve

ESTS has been manufacturing commercial autoclaves for more than 10 years. In the main, they are used to sterilise items like utensils, porous loads, glassware, fabrics, fluids and plastics for laboratory and medical use. The designers have hailed their latest model as a ‘game changer’ because of its ability to deliver a substantial reduction in overall energy usage and operating costs.

Bürkert angle seat valves provide a compact and reliable solution

The Logiclave LAB300 is the latest and largest of their compact vertical closing, rectangular chamber machines and has been launched with the company’s revolutionary flash steam generator on board. It comprises 14 Bürkert valves, some of which have been modified to reduce purchase and inventory costs, as well as withstand the extreme temperatures required for repeated steam sterilisation.

The LAB300 uses pulsed vacuum or pressure cycles to replace the air in the chamber with steam to achieve sterilising conditions. When the cycle starts the first of the Bürkert valves, a stainless steel bodied Type 2000 pneumatically operated angle seat valve, opens as an exhaust and then closes when the machine reaches a vacuum set point of 100 millibar within the chamber. At this level, steam is injected through another Bürkert angle seat steam valve.

The specification of the valves in this instance is crucial to achieve high reliability over an extended operating life with frequent and demanding operating cycles. The steam supply valve is a high temperature unit specified by process valve supplier Control Stream to include PPS material for a longer seal life in the actuator. The bodies of Bürkert’s latest generation of angle seat valves are also considerably smaller than older designs and therefore helped to ensure a compact, but reliable final product.

Actuated ball valves control water flow and drain the flash steam generator

Several angle seat valves were also supplied with a male thread, developed as a complete first for Control Steam. By reducing the number of joints and connectors needed to construct the piping circuit this reduced inventory purchase costs for the machine builder. Although a benefit specifically for the OEM, it highlights the cost competitiveness of the machine.

Burkert Ball Valve

To guarantee savings in the total cost of ownership, the Bürkert valves that control the fluid and steam in and out of the heater have been adapted to cope with the high temperatures. There are two actuated ball valves being used.

One controls water flow into the header tank and the other drains the flash steam generator of any residual fluid. The latter has an extension piece to keep the heat transfer to a minimum and protect the actuator, which inherently has a lower temperature protection rating than an angle seat valve.

For more information please visit www.burkert.co.uk/en.

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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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