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The essential air compressor maintenance checklist every UK manufacturer needs to know

In this article, PIF spoke to leading North West air compressor suppliers Glaston Compressor Services about their top tips for effective air compressor maintenance. As a trusted supplier of compressed air systems to countless businesses within the North West of England, Glaston’s air compressor maintenance checklist is a tried and tested method for those looking to get the most out of their compressor.

Why your business should invest in air compressor maintenance

Air compressors are one of the biggest investments any manufacturing company is likely to make. As such, the key to maximising longevity and lifetime costs for your compressor is achieved by investing in an effective air compressor maintenance schedule.

“Effective air compressor maintenance means that you are likely to discover issues with your air compressor before the performance or the issue becomes a more expensive problem to repair”, explains Michael Douglas from Glaston Compressor Services. “Missing regular maintenance may initially seem to save money in labour and time, but in the long run, systems lag an eventually break down and ultimately cost more to repair than any savings made by infrequent maintenance”.

To prevent such issues and keep your compressor running smoothly for as long as possible, this is the ultimate maintenance checklist which all air compressor uses should be following:

Regularly check your compressor components

Gauges and controls

“All gauges and controls need to be checked and calibrated regularly”, continues Michael. “These instruments can be easily affected by moisture and other contaminants”. As such, checking temperatures and pressures is paramount for delivering effective compressor readings.

Inlet filters

“The inlet filters need regularly checking and cleaning”, explains Michael. “An unclean filter increases wear on the components of the compressed air system. Leaking intake causing system contamination can lead to extensive damage to the air compressor. The filter must be changed at the recommended intervals”.

Oi filters

The oil used within compressor serves three important functions; it lubricates the air end, it helps clean the compressed and it seals the air end for efficient running. “It is imperative to keep a reliable compressor to change the oil and oil filter regularly otherwise at best you will have an inefficient compressor and at worst you will suffer an expensive mechanical failure if the oil goes beyond its working life and breaks down”, continues Michael.


“In a compressor, there are many valves which need to be maintained or else performance will deteriorate”, explains Michael. “For your air compressor maintenance checklist, you must make sure to have a regular schedule of cleaning and checking valves”.

Choose the right environment for your compressor

“The surrounding atmosphere needs to remain as clean as possible to ensure no debris or contaminants can enter the air compressor system”, explains Michael. “The room needs to be well ventilated to ensure that the air compressor will not overheat”.

There is also an environmental risk of oil leaks should the compressor, condensate and drains not be maintained properly. “If you have a compressor oil leak that goes unnoticed, the oil will be discharged onto the floor and possible into an unsuitable drain”, continues Michael. Therefore, this should be factored into any air compressor maintenance schedule.

“Dust is an air compressors worst enemy”, explains Michael. “Keeping the compressor clean of dust is vital to keep it running issue-free”. Manufacturers should look to clean dust regularly from their air compressors using air guns. When not in use, the compressor should remain covered to prevent the gathering of dust.

Optional consideration: Cooling water

If required, businesses should ensure that your compressed air system is utilising a good clean supply of water. This can be achieved by regulating temperature and controlling the pressure.

Compressor servicing from Glaston

Above all, the safety of an air compressor can never be ensured if they are not regularly serviced. Air compressors come under pressure system regulations, meaning all insurers will require compressors to be maintained to keep company insurance valid.

Glaston Compressor Services has been providing comprehensive compressor servicing to manufacturers and other businesses throughout the North West of England for over 40 years. From designing through to the installation of tailored compressed air systems, Glaston can provide your business with a thorough air compressor maintenance checklist to keep your compressor running to its full potential and prolong lifetime.

Glaston’s team of highly qualified and experienced service engineers strive to provide clients with the most cost-effective solution. From considering individual compressed air requirements and energy efficiency ratings, Glaston leaves no stone unturned to provide the most effective solutions for each client. For more information about Glaston’s air compressor maintenance and servicing, visit their website.

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