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Achieve linear flow control & emergency valve shut off capability in pumping application

The innovative features of the SIPOS 5 Actuator supplied by AUMA Actuators, such as its programmable valve positioning and its innovative electrical design made it the actuator of choice for overcoming the design issues for challenging applications.

Achieve Linear Flow Control in pumping application

To achieve linear flow control and emergency valve shut off capability to protect pumps in the eventuality of power failure in a severe service pumping application.

A non-potable water station located in Erie, Colarado was required to pump non-potable water from a storage reservoir to the town’s irrigation distribution system and to Boulder Creek in the Rocky Mountains. The North Water reclamation facility has the ultimate capacity to handle 3.5 million gallons of water per day. To read more about the application details, click here.

The engineers were faced with the following design challenge…

The selected valve and actuator system must manage water hammer and water surges upon pump start-up and shut-down, meaning the opening and closing of the valve must not only be fast, but also accurately-controlled. The valve and actuator system also needed to provide linear flow control during normal operation and emergency shut-off capability in the event of power failure, to protect the pump.

The SIPOS 5 Actuator

The solution was found in the SIPOS 5 Actuator which achieved Linear Flow Control and Emergency Shut-Off.

SIPOS 5 Linear control Actuator

Linear Flow Control:

The SIPOS 5 Actuator has the unique capability of controlling the valve position based on preset times. The actuator can be programmed to open and close across 10 different time set points. Therefore the speed of the valve opening or closing can be controlled ensuring that the desired set position is achieved at the correct time.

The benefits of this flexibility can be a linearised valve flow characteristic, along with the opportunity to provide fast emergency closure capability.

Pump control operating characteristics

Furthermore, this programming can occur post-installation to optimise the application in real-life conditions. This simplifies the planning process and adds an element of flexibility if application details change after installation.

This innovative feature of the SIPOS 5 Actuator allows for full linear flow control of the process media.

Emergency Shut-Off:

The use of advanced electrical design incorporating inverter technology keeps the power requirements of the SIPOS 5 actuator to a minimum. This allows the use of simple, low-cost, single-phase UPS supply to control the valve in the event of complete power failure, thereby protecting the pump and providing emergency shut-off functionality.

How does it work?

Using a frequency converter in the actuator allows complete control of the motor i.e. speed and direction of rotation, together with torque. The voltage applied to the motor by the frequency converter determines the output torque, whilst the frequency determines the output speed. A number of benefits offered by the unique combination of frequency converter and controller specially designed for service in electrical actuators includes low power consumption and single-phase electrical supply.

SIPOS actuator IPS

How do you achieve accurate linear flow control in your application? Is emergency valve shut-off capability important to your application?

AUMA are experts in Actuation in both potable and wastewater applications. To ask AUMA a technical question, please click here. Alternatively, leave your comments below. 


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