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A guide to miniature solenoid valves

For applications that require precise and reliable control of liquids or gases, but are limited on space, miniature solenoid valves can offer the ideal solution.

Miniature solenoid valves guide

In this article, PIF explores the function and design of miniature solenoid valves and looks at some of the main manufacturers of miniature valves and some of their marquee products.

Miniature solenoid valves explained

Miniature solenoid valves are an all-purpose, space saving, solution for a broad range of applications from pharmaceutical, analytical and instrumentation. These miniature valves can be found in a range of general service, isolation, pinch, proportional valves, and manifold assemblies for fluid control applications.

A miniature valve can be used for environmental controls, medical devices, pharmaceutical, analytical, scientific, marking/labelling, instrumentation, and textile industries, as well as for gas analysers, clinical diagnostic equipment, gas chromatographs, and dental equipment.

Miniature solenoid valve manufacturers


Norgren's extensive range of miniature valves includes their FAS 8 mm CHIPSOL and CHIPSOL MS direct acting solenoid valves. The standard CHIPSOL 2-way and 3-way valves offer cartridge mounting and are ideal for air, oxygen and neutral gas applications. They combine low power consumption, long life cycle (up to 100 million cycles) and high flow to size ratio.

CHIPSOL MS valves are direct acting 2-way valves that are designed for use with neutral or aggressive gases and liquids. With similarly low power consumption and long life cycles (up to 30 million cycles), these valves give the added benefit of low internal volumes and 100% ED operation up to 50°C fluid temperature.


ASCO’s miniature valve products are assembled, and 100 per cent factory tested, in an ISO Class 8 equivalent cleanroom. As well as their extensive range of miniature solenoid valves, they can also create customised assemblies, from minor modifications of a catalogue product or a complete flow control solution, ASCO’s engineering teams can assist.


Parker also have a broad ranging catalogue of high speed miniature solenoid valves, with extremely low leak rates, that are ideal for medical device manufacturers. Their X-Valve is an ultra-miniature two-way, three-position valve. Despite its minuscule size, it handles flows to 10 lpm at 30 psig and its flow rates exceed other miniature solenoid valves in its class. Mainly because the coil and body are combined in a single unit with a unique flow design.

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