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5 ways Spaciotempo temporary structures can aid architectural plans

If you’ve ever been involved with developing new premises, be they a new factory or offices, you’ll be familiar with the cost and time constraints that can arise with permanent builds. Here, Spaciotempo give us 5 reasons why one of their temporary buildings are the perfect blueprint to a stress-free expansion.

Spaciotempo temporary structures

The world is waking up to the infinite possibilities of temporary buildings. Spaciotempo  temporary structures offer a quick, cost-effective and scalable option that is often just as effective, if not more, than a permanent structure. Now, Spaciotempo are teaming up with architects to offer increasingly more innovative solutions to the UK’s building shortage.

Temporary buildings for expansions

Here are 5 ways in which a Spaciotempo building can help to keep an expansion project on track:

1. Cost-effective solutions – There are many headaches associated with permanent builds. Between the foundation costs, legal fees, stamp duties and agent fees to negotiate (just for starters!), the amount of red tape to negotiate can be a major burden. Of course, a temporary building from Spaciotempo eradicates all these issues; saving a great deal of time and cost for architectural plans.

2. Speedy temporary buildings – Deadline creep is an ever-present, and potentially costly, part of any new build project. Budgets can quickly spiral out of control when timescales slip. However, with Spaciotempo’s swift installations and skilled technical team, your plans need never run over time again, thanks to the incredible turnaround time of Spaciotempo temporary buildings.

3. Full planning permission – That meddlesome red tape can often scupper design plans even before a brick is laid; all at the hands of planning permission disputes. While temporary buildings still require planning permission, the great advantage of working with Spaciotempo is that they liaise directly with town planners to manage the complete planning permission process. Their temporary structures are looked upon favourably for their energy efficiency.

4. Emergency relief – In the event of an emergency that threatens to derail your building project, Spaciotempo can step into the breach to provide a temporary structure that can keep your build on time and on budget. Adverse weather slowing down proceedings? Their anodised aluminium frame, roof-only industrial canopies can be installed in no time, to keep foundations or costly materials safe and dry. Or if a build has to come to a halt, one of their temporary buildings can provide the perfect stop-gap to ensure you aren’t left without facilities during the downtime.

5. Flexible and bespoke – How often have you wanted to tweak your planning drawings, only to find that the nature of the project won’t allow any deviations? With Spaciotempo temporary structures, they can be incredibly flexible. Thanks to their in-house design team, and supremely customisable temporary buildings and temporary canopies, they can work with you to adapt and refine your specifications – be it scale, flooring, walling or doors. Plus, because everything is designed, manufactured and installed by Spaciotempo, you only have to deal with a single point of contact.

Plan for all eventualities with a Spaciotempo temporary structure

As you can see, Spaciotempo temporary structures allow you to plan for all eventualities. Whether it be for an emergency solution, or a more permanent fixture, Spaciotempo is always happy to collaborate with partners to provide the most effective and responsive solution to fix everyday problems that can inevitably plague even the best laid architectural plans.

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Spaciotempo are the leading supplier of temporary buildings, temporary warehouses, temporary storage, loading canopies and retractable tunnels in the UK and Ireland.

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