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5 Key Advantages of a Pneumatic Actuator

What are the key advantages of a pneumatic actuator that makes the device one of the most popular and commonly used mechanical devices across industrial markets? Pneumatic actuators are by far and away one of the most required mechanical devices across today’s market and in Process Industry Forum’s latest article, we look to at the reasons why.

Pneumatic actuators serve a mechanical motion to an application through the compression of atmospheric air. These devices are ideal for applications serving a variety of purposes, including those housed within applications that operate under potentially explosive environments. Here are the 5 key advantages of a pneumatic actuator that put it at the top of a plant manager’s list.

High Force & Speed Of Movement

Pneumatic actuators can deliver high force and fast speeds of movement when used in linear motion control applications. This is down to the usage of air pressure and flow within the device.

High Durability

Overheating is not a problem of concern with pneumatic actuators, regardless of how excessive the use of the application is. These devices can sustain constant pressures in comparison to alternative devices and therefore offer a longer-term of use

High Reliability

When it comes to functionality, the pneumatic actuator is viewed to be highly reliable. This is thanks largely to the high control that can be maintained on the conversion of gas to energy. The fact that as mentioned already, they are also highly durable means that performance is of a high standard and these devices have a long life span.

Clean Technology

Pneumatic actuators are the preferred device for use when it comes to applications where hygiene is essential. This is largely down to the use of air as opposed to fluid, with the compressed air being free from harmful chemicals, therefore protecting the application from contamination. This, of course, is critical within the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.

Cost Effective

Thanks in part to the fact that it is easy to install and maintain, the pneumatic actuator is often seen as the cost-effective choice when it comes to industrial applications. Of course, the benefits above are probably considered more important from a practicality standpoint, but in the current economic environment, the cost is still very much at the forefront of every application manager’s mind.

High Quality Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic experts BEST Pneumatics stock high-quality SMC pneumatic actuators with a range of different types available to suit your application needs. Their range includes electric, grippers, guided, linear, rodless, rotary and speciality actuators. All products are also fully supported by a range of accessories including one of the largest industrial actuator mountings range in the industry.

To learn more about BEST Pneumatics actuator offerings and to purchase online, visit their Pneumatic Actuators page. Alternatively, if you need further support with your application or wish to carry out a direct purchase you can contact us by email on [email protected] or by calling them on 01254 395 000.

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Best Pneumatic Systems

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