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£1m Bürkert stock-holding expansion boosts convenience for UK customers

Bürkert UK has significantly increased its off-the-shelf offering with more than £1 million of Bürkert stock-holding now kept on British shores. PIF caught up with Neil Saunders, Bürkert UK General Manager, to find out more about the control experts’ efforts to boost convenience for UK customers.

£1m Bürkert stock holding now held in UK

Bürkert now holds a wide variety of the more common valve designs including ball valves, butterfly valves and quarter-turn valves in standard sizes on the shelf. This increase in the line of Bürkert products represents a considerable investment in stock-holding, with over £1 million worth of stock now held in the UK, to complement industry recognised angle seat, globe and control valve packages.

Neil Saunders, Bürkert UK General Manager, explains the move, “Quite simply we are adding convenience for our customers by offering more of what our systems customers and distribution partners want on a same day or next day availability basis.

“Bürkert offers over 100,000 catalogue items, from commodity solenoid valves to high-precision food and pharmaceutical grade products. However, while lots of the clever, problem-solving items we are famous for are made to order, there are also standard valves required for almost any project.

“They don’t have exotic specifications and tend to be sourced when they are needed. If customers can have a Bürkert model available straight away, then the quality and the brand reputation that goes with that is an added bonus for them.”

Comprehensive process automation solutions

Cost pressures are everywhere, so conformity of fit and compatibility can make a big difference in ensuring a process automation project is commercially successful. Hence, all new Bürkert products complement the existing range of more specialist valves and are designed to work in harmony with Bürkert’s numerous pneumatic and electric actuators and control heads. Every Bürkert product is quality audited and built to the highest standards, with full traceability of materials and certifications provided on request.

This improved product offering enables Bürkert to deliver more comprehensive process automation solutions, especially for larger scale projects where consolidation of supply is a significant factor. Now, Bürkert can provide a cost-effective package that is supported by expert design and specialist application knowledge, as well as an on-demand supply of more general-purpose process valves for water, steam and air.

This reduces costs for project teams and greatly simplifies the purchasing process by involving far fewer vendors and cutting the number of purchase orders that need to be raised. Other savings can also be made thanks to Bürkert’s knowledge and expertise being applied to a much greater part of the installation.

One-stop shop for process control components

By increasing the range of products available, Bürkert UK is better placed as a project partner, offering high-quality Bürkert products, vast design expertise and customised logistics for improved project efficiency.

With larger scale projects involving hundreds of valves, potentially from numerous suppliers, maintaining an effective logistics process can be difficult. As an integral supply partner to a project, Bürkert can implement a customised logistics process that packages together all the components for a specific area of the installation. Deliveries are timed with the build process and tagged to ensure they are delivered to exactly the right location, saving time and money on the installation.

As a one-stop shop for process control components, Bürkert aims to help customers with the design, procurement and installation of new and replacement equipment, as well as support its distribution partners with better access to a wider range of products. Now, with a massive UK stock-holding, it can provide immediate delivery on a wide range of common Bürkert products, as well as sourcing more complex, application-specific components within a short timeframe.

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