House Rules

The following outlines the code of conduct that we ask our users of to adhere to. Whilst we welcome your input and contributions to, we would ask you to adhere to the following “House Rules” for the benefit of our readers and other users.

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“House Rules”

  1. Please be polite and respect your fellow professionals even if you disagree with their comments or opinions.
  2. We would ask that if you notice any posts that contravene our rules, then please report it to us via e-mail. Please also bear in mind that any posts made on the forum do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the website or its moderators.
  3. Abusive language, swearing or blaspheming in any form is wholly unacceptable and such content will be prevented and/or removed from the site.
  4. Your posting should be related to the relevant topics of the conversation thread.
  5. All sexual, racist, discriminatory or other content that is offensive to any potential reader in any way will not be considered acceptable. A post must not discuss or in any way promote illegal activities.
  6. It is not acceptable to engage in criticism or to be offensive towards another poster or individual.
  7. The forum site will not endorse or accept any comments that could be libellous or defamatory. Please note that even when a name is not disclosed it will be considered unacceptable if an individual or individuals can be identified.
  8. Our ‘Problem Centre’ or forum posts are not the appropriate place for advertising of products or services. This is not only discouraged but will result in the removal or blocking of such articles by our moderators.
  9. We do not recommend that you publish your own personal email address, telephone number or address. Similarly, you should not disclose anyone else’s personal email address, telephone number or address without their consent. In the case of either of these requests being ignored, our moderators will take the appropriate action.
  10. If any user wishes to upload images and/or links to third party content, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that he/she is not in breech or infringement of copyright and to ensure that consent is obtained where necessary. Please also check the terms and conditions of the website.