Top tips to get the most out of Google+

Google plus top tips

We’ve said it before but the lesser explored social media platform, Google+, is an untapped goldmine for businesses to leverage some great exposure. Here we’ve compiled our best tips to help your business to get the most out of Google+.

First impressions count

Content is king

Be community minded

Unlock your keywords

Make it eventful

Get a vanity project

We hope you’ve found these hints and tips useful. We look forward to seeing you among our social circles, and communities, on Google+ soon.

Rachel Kirkwood-Wilson

My interests and skills are in the world of digital and online marketing, specifically SEO and Social Media management. With 10 years experience working with the engineering sector, I understand how to market technical product and services.

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  • cronk454

    There are lot of service we found in Google+ now. Most of the users are happy to use this service and they are so happy to stay with this. So i hope we found lot of new feature from it.