What is AS-I Interface?

During the late 1980 and early 1990, a consortium of 11 companies (commonly known for their offering of industrial non-contact sensing devices) developed the AS-Interface.

Murrelektonik explain just what a AS-I Interface is and also how AS-I Interfaces work and perform.

What is AS-I Interface?

AS-Interface (AS-i) is the simplest of the industrial networking protocols used in PLC, DCS and PC-based automation systems and is designed for connecting binary (ON/OFF) devices, such as actuators and sensors, in discrete manufacturing and process applications using only a single cable. It is an “open” technology supported by hundreds of automation vendors, and more than 20 Million AS-i field devices have been installed and established worldwide.

What is a AS-I Interface?

Key data per AS-i network

Number of slaves Up to 62
Number of I/Os Up to 496 inputs and 496 outputs
Topology Any, combinable,no termination resistors
Medium Unshielded two-wire line for data and energy
Line length 100 m as a standard, extendable to 600 m with Repeater and Extension Plug
Cycle time 5 ms (typical)
Data transfer Digital and analog (16 bit)

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