Top 10 tips from compressed air system design experts on reducing energy consumption

We are being encouraged & reminded daily to save energy, reduce our carbon footprint and adopt a greener lifestyle. Growing customer expectations and increasing legislation mean that businesses can no longer afford to ignore the demand for energy-saving products.

So, here at PIF HQ we have decided to bring a series of ‘Top Tip’ articles on how to reduce energy consumption across your plant or process.

BEKO Technologies compressed air demonstration

Top 10 tips from compressed air system (CAS) design experts

  • Reduce the air pressure to the minimum requirement
  • Size the pneumatic components for the actual performance needs
  • Filter and dry air in an appropriate way
  • Use only quality products
  • Isolate the plant when not in use using 2 port valves
  • Stop air blow when not needed
  • Generate vacuum using multi-stage ejectors with vacuum switches
  • Where possible select low energy consuming components
  • Periodically check the air consumption
  • Prevent and reduce air leaks

Please leave any more tips below!

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