Top 10 Engineering Tips

Thanks to the information Age there’s an incredible wealth of digital and printed knowledge, covering all the essential engineering tips you’ll ever need, that’s available at the push of a button or the flick of a page. We’ve decided to make things even easier for you, by compiling a top ten ‘crib sheet’ of the websites, publications, resources and events that every engineer should have on their radar.

engineer_on computer

10) eFunda's engineering fundamentals

9) Get tooled up with The Engineering Toolbox

8) Access useful online resources

7) Listen to the experts in your field

6) Read the Standard Handbook of Engineering Calculations

5) Invest in a title: industry publications

4) Get a calculator smartphone app

3) Download handy CAD apps

2) Visit an overseas event

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1) Experience the Best of British

What are the tools and reference materials that you just can’t do without? Let us know by leaving a comment below, we’re intrigued to hear your responses.

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