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Passive distribution boxes provide compact and easy solution for connecting sensors and actuators to the control cabinet via pre-moulded or self-wire M12 or M8 connectors. Passive distribution boxes remove the need for terminal boxes and therefore reduce risk of incorrect wiring, they also save time and space. In this article, PIF explores the various passive distribution boxes available from Murrelektronik.

Passive Distribution

Benefits of Murrelektronik Passive Distribution Boxes

Single-wire connectivity in machines and installations is troublesome and error-prone. Thankfully, Murrelektronik’s passive distribution boxes provide a much more convenient method for connecting sensors and actuators to the control cabinet. With a comprehensive range of distribution boxes available, Murrelektronik create optimum installations that are cost-effective, reliable and space saving.

Murrelektronik distribution box installations can be set up quickly because their modular components allow for easy and convenient exchanges, which ultimately saves you time and money. Murrelektronik’s distribution boxes have IP65 or IP67 protection as standard, and their practical and pre-tested plug connections help prevent wiring errors. Plus, with fewer terminal blocks, fewer cable entry systems and fewer terminal boxes in the field, their distribution box solutions a great deal of save space and offer flexible mounting options.

M8 and M12 Distribution Box Specifications

Murrelektronik’s M8 distribution systems enable economical installation solutions, even in a confined space. The Exact8 range of M8 cable boxes are only 30 mm wide and can be installed in a range of ways, including side mounting. Further strengthening their flexible installation credentials, Exact8 passive distribution boxes are available with PVC-, PUR/PVC-, PUR- and robot cables, and enable quick and easy replacement of homerun cables.

Meanwhile, the Exact12 range of M12 distribution blocks are designed for consistently connected solutions from the control into the field. Boasting quick installation, thanks to pre-wired and tested connection cables, and space-saving two signals per port, this type of M12 solution can be easily separated for assembly and transport. These fully potted boxes are sealed and highly resistant. They are also available with a moulded homerun cable, pluggable homerun cable or connection for direct installation into the cabinet.

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